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To fully comply with federal law your employer has selected The Contractors Advantage Plan (The Plan) administered by Contractor Benefits Group to provide you with a qualified benefit when you work on federal Davis Bacon and state and local prevailing wage projects.

The Contractors Advantage Plan is a Department of Labor approved plan that holds the fringe portion of your prevailing wage compensation in trust and pays cash supplemental unemployment benefits to you when you have breaks in service.

Since the plan starts paying benefits to you within days of layoff, the plan provides you with a financial bridge between periods of employment, as well as between the time you are laid off and the time you start receiving state unemployment benefits.

Benefits through The Contractors Advantage Plan allow you to maintain more level earnings throughout the year. During times of layoff and between jobs, The Plan provides cash that can be invested, used for special purchases, or help with family finances and bills during breaks in work.

When you experience a break in employment you will begin to receive the balance that has accumulated in your account. You will be issued a check weekly for an amount equal to 40 hours times your rate of pay, reduced by any state unemployment benefits you may receive. You will receive a check every week until your account balance has been fully paid to you or until you return to work. Benefits are also available for work interruptions and weather delays.

If you are also eligible to receive state unemployment benefits, receiving benefits from The Plan does not affect your state benefits. You can receive your plan benefits before, after, or during the time you are receiving state benefits. However, you must be laid off and not terminate you own employment to be eligible to receive The Plan benefits.

Success Stories

Instead of using vacation days that the company gives us we can use the SUB plan instead for rainy days. The SUB plan pays you within days of putting in for time off. The payment is prompt, fast and convenient.

Jason Artz
Employee participant