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Where do my fringe benefit dollars go?

Your fringe benefits are deposited into a supplemental unemployment benefit (SUB) plan trust. The plan then pays out benefits to you when work is unavailable. This could be temporary or seasonal layoff, rain delay, or work interruption.

How much do I receive when I am laid off?

The plan pays out at your regular rate of pay times the amount of hours work was unavailable to you. For example if your shop rate is $18. per hour and you are short 10 hours, you will receive a benefit check for $180. less taxes.

What taxes are withheld from my benefit checks?

Federal taxes at the rate of 15% are withheld from your benefit checks. Since the benefits are supplemental unemployment benefits no FICA taxes are withheld or due. You will receive a W2 from the plan at the end of the year.

May I collect from state unemployment while collecting from the SUB plan?

Yes. You may collect full UC benefits while collecting from the SUB plan.

Where is my money invested?

Your contributions into the plan are not invested in the stock market or subject to market volatility. The funds are currently invested in money market accounts. The investment of the funds is overseen by an administrative committee made up of participating employers in the plan. The goal of the committee is to retain the participants’ principal in the fund. Any interest earned on your contributions in the plan will be credited to your account on a quarterly basis.

How do I know how much money I have in my account?

You will receive a quarterly statement from the plan which will show your contributions and distributions during the current period. You may also call 1-(717)-327-9393 at any time to check on your current balance.

How do I apply for benefits?

Applying for benefits is easy and you have several options. You may apply online, fax, or by mail. Applications for benefits received by Wednesday at noon are paid out by Friday of that week.

Refer to your summary plan description (SPD) for further information. The SPD is the final word on the plan rules and regulations. Nothing listed here is meant to override the guidelines of the SPD.

Success Stories

When eci learned of the SUB plan we had met with various providers to understand how it could be structured and work for our employees.  We ended up finding it would be too difficult to adapt to our system.  By luck we met Gale.  Within one meeting we knew she was the right person to oversee eci’s plan.  Her knowledge of prevailing wage regulations reassured us. She attends employee meetings and continually watches over our employees’ accounts.  From the administration end the reporting is straightforward and simple.  More importantly our employees have been pleased to have this option.  We greatly appreciate Gale handling our plan and taking such good care of eci.

Katie Eberly
HR Administrator,