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Employer Benefits

Win More Bids, Reduce Administration, Retain Your Workforce


Paying the fringe requirement on a prevailing wage project as cash may seem like the simplest option but it is by far the most expensive. Utilizing The Contractors Advantage Plan allows you to bid more competitively by reducing your payroll burden. See our savings calculator to determine how much of your hard earned dollars you may be giving away!

When given a choice, 75% of employees choose the SUB plan over any other fringe benefit option.


  • Retain your trained workforce. Let’s face it, in a skilled labor shortage your best employees can always find work. Employees who are financially secure can withstand temporary and seasonal layoff.
  • No cost to you, as an employer to participate. Administrative fees are deducted from the fringe contributions you make on behalf of your employees.
  • Easy set up and administration. We provide your employees with quarterly statements, process all benefit requests, make quarterly tax deposits, prepare year end reporting and W2’s.

Success Stories

The Contractor’s Group has been absolutely wonderful to work with for our Sub Plan. Gale is great. She is always ready to help with any questions or issues that arise. The plan takes so little of our time to administrate. It is such a blessing that our employees can request and receive funds on their own initiative during slow or down times.

We would highly recommend Gale and Contractor Benefits Group to any company seeking a firm to implement a Sub Plan for them.

Ben Hartzler
Midstate Roofing and Coating